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Njavallil Latex Pvt. Ltd.


Njavallil latex Pvt. Ltd., was established during the peak of latex boom in the year 1992 and emerged as one of the pioneers of Quality centrifuged latex manufacturer in South India. Since then, the company has earned a reputation of being a Reliable High Quality latex supplier across the globe and specifically in India.Our product is not only well accepted in India but also exported to various countries across the world. The company is fully committed to the industry in the use of advanced technology and modern methodology for processing natural rubber. At Njavallil, a team of highly motivated and committed employees is proactive in keeping abreast of all challenges, market trends and industry specific requirements. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, products with utmost quality, strategic investments in R&D and a continuing desire to innovate and explore new markets, Njavallil Latex is a notch higher than the rest, enjoying a diverse clientele worldwide. Njavallil Latex has an installed production capacity to process around 36,000 Tons of latex year on year.

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We leave no margins for error when it comes to Quality control at Every level

State of the Art Infrastructure

At Njavallil Latex, the emphasis is quality at every stage is mandatory. Achieving high quality on par with the international standards is indeed challenging. We have harnessed the best technical know-how and expertise in this field to live up to the high expectations of our discerning clientele. Our up-to-the minute manufacturing facility equipped with state of the art laboratory testing equipments has been instrumental in establishing our leadership and reputation. Our massive 40,000 plus square meter factory in Kochi, Kerala India with an in-house quality control facility and over a score of R&D staff, supports the meticulous functioning of the plant with great alacrity.

Our Location

Njavallil Latex is located at Edayar, the industrial Estate Zone promoted by Government of Kerala, near Kochi, the commerce capital of Kerala, a southern state of India. The factory is a mere 20 km from Nedumbassery international airport. Close proximity to the International Container Terminal at Vallarpadom (8kms), helps easy logistics for shipping and speedy shipment of consignments saving a lot of time and labour. The strategic location of the factory near the major producing districts of latex viz, Kottayam and Thrissur districts facilitates easy procurement of Quality Natural Latex.

Njavallil Latex